Thursday, March 22, 2012

Champa Hydrosol

I ordered some hydrosols from Nature's Gift Aromatherapy and they arrived yesterday.  I had to try the Patchouli and also ordered Golden Champa and Owyhee.  The Owyhee smells much like the essential oil with some more medicinal undertones-this is a a nice first aid and relaxing hydrosol, which can be used for disinfecting wounds or as a pillow spray and is a good replacement for Roman Chamomile.  The Patchouli smells just like the frsh plant I had last year, which did not survive the winter inside my house (it had suffered some abuse by my husband, but that's another story for another time).  The Golden Champa...............WOW!  I am madly in love with this one!  So much so that I ordered a 4 ounce bottle this morning.  This will go into perfume blends and makes a lovely perfume in it's own right.  I spritzed some on my right hand at around 6:30 to sample the aroma and even after a handwashing I could still smell it at 9:30 when I went to bed.  I have no idea if there are any therapeutic applications for this one and honestly, don't care.  It's worth the money just for the fragrance.

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