Sunday, May 6, 2012

Let This Be a Lesson..........

So I'm up early this morning, cleaning up my shipping profiles in my etsy store because I have no way of refunding excess charges in the rapid checkout, right..............So, I'm thinking I hadn't deleted my last coupon code.  I go in and delete the coupon code, go back to the shipping profiles, drinking my coffee and trying to wake up.  Then I realize I just deleted my CURRENT coupon code.  OOPS!  So my NEW coupon code in ETSY shop is ILOVEMOM for 20% off.

So if you're a middle-aged etsy seller, don't mess with stuff you can't undo until you've had an entire cup of coffee.

And no it's not from too many mint juleps because I only had one, well actually, a double and one cup of Bailey's with coffee.  But also plenty of food over a period of 5 or 6 hours.

I had a really good time with friends last night and had my first Derby pie.  I had never had any desire to have one since I was under the impression it was basically a pecan pie (which I think is way too sweet).  But it's a chocolate nut pie and totally freakin awesome!  Since I have been getting into the Derby spirit more the last 2 years, I'm terrified I'm going to run and buy a really ugly hat to wear next year.  I love to look at the hats but one of our local news anchors was wearing a really bizarre one last night.  Georgia and I were reeling.  The colors were beautiful but other than that what the hell is she wearing on her head?  They always bring over the newspaper with horses and we pick one right before the race.  I picked Union Rags since my Daddy's a Yankee and I married a Yankee.  Union Rags didn't do as well as I'd hoped.  In fact, I'm not sure if he finished yet...............Good thing I didn't do anything stupid like bet money or play a drinking game.

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