Sunday, May 6, 2012

What a Day

Here in Kentucky we use the Derby to mark gardening season, since it is extremely rare to have frost in May.  So today was spent working in the back garden some more and shopping for plants.  I had a roman chamomile plant come back from the dead last year and this year it has flowers already, but not enough to do anything with.  So I bought a couple more plants to keep it company.  I hope to get enough to distill.  I have some Roman Chamomile hydrosol, while it's not my favorite as far as scent goes, it does some pretty mean deep cleaning on my face.

I also bought 2 lemon verbenas and 2 rose geraniums.  I know geraniums shouldn't be distilled until they're 2 years old but I will make some for myself anyway-one of my faves.  It's great just to rub the leaves while I'm outside.  I'll bring them in for the Winter and pray over them every day.  The Lemon Verbena will make some nice sleepy time spray.

I also planted my rosa rugosa bushes I got from Horizon Herbs and got seeds started:  Henna, Western Sage, White Sage, Chickweed and Tulsi Basil.

Gonna have some massive distillations going on.  I can do catnip and peppermint anytime.  Will have Yarrow ready soon.  I wanted to do some mostly fresh Queen's water today but I'm exhausted.  I did do some fresh organic lemons this morning-yummy!

Still have orders backed up for the week and next weekend will be spent spreading mulch, visiting Mom on Saturday and lying around like 3rd base for Mother's Day.  I shall be distilling next Sunday-whatever I want!


Gretchen Morgan Stern said...

Time to start saving up for a big still Jackie!

xokymberlyxo said...

Or a second small one so she can keep up