Saturday, January 17, 2015

Time for some ToughLove

This is going to be a long, frustrated, angry post laced with some obscenities so if you can't handle that stop reading now.

The last comment on the YL post has pushed me over the edge.  Not because my beliefs are threatened but because I am intelligent.  I use the brain the good Lord gave me and I have enough "common" sense read between the lines of a clever bullshit marketing ploy.  AND I fear that Gary Young's ego will swallow up the entire western hemisphere of planet Earth.

This post is absolutely intended to shock you!  I hope to shock you into THINKING.  Are so many people really so STUPID and GULLIBLE that a company can brainwash you this way?

Let's look at the so-called "seed to seal" guarantee and how Young Living "has" the people and the farms to produce their oils.  Think this is something special that no one else has?  Well, here is the no bullshit translation for you-They work closely with trusted suppliers and have their oils tested for purity.  THAT'S IT!  Just like any other reputable supplier of essential oils.

As for the 'anonymous" YL rep who last posted who truly believes the idiot farmers in France didn't know what true lavender was anymore until Gary Young stepped in and helped them............What?  ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS????????????  This is yet another disturbing peek into the psyche of a delusional man, who believes he is some kind of savior building himself up to keep his cult members in awe of awesomeness.  PUT THE KOOL AID DOWN!!!!!!!  Read a book written by someone else besides Gary Young.

Again, if you use these oils because you truly like them-fine.  But dear GOD don't buy into the bullshit that goes along with the oils.

I can't ever seem to say this enough.  We live in the age of the internet.  Never before in human history has so much information been so readily available for so many people so if you just take someone's word for anything without, at least googling it to get more information............
Stupidity is a CHOICE in the 21st century, my friends.  I don't care how many blogs and websites you run across from these YL reps who spout this shit, you are also going to run across plenty of sites from people like me warning you against it.  If you choose to ignore it, you do so at your own peril.  While part of me says if you want to drink essential oils and kill yourself-go for it.  Natural selection in action, and at this rate it may be time to thin the herd a bit.  But don't do this to your defenseless pets and children.

And if you want to debate me at least have balls enough to post under your real name.  And use a logical argument and not the scripted bullshit response from your MLM.  Before you post ask yourself a couple of questions:
 1)  Does this have anything to do with the subject at hand?
 2)  Does this even make any sense or do I sound like a lunatic living in my own special little universe?
 3)  Do I have a good point here or do I just sound like a toddler having a temper tantrum?
 4)  If I'm so passionate about what I believe why can't I reveal my true identity?
 5)  Do I fear giving out my name because I know I'm an idiot?
 6)  What if Gary Young ISN'T God???????????????

Seriously, if you can't tell I'm frustrated by how stupid my fellow Americans have allowed themselves to become.  BTW this will help you in EVERY aspect of your life, not just buying essential oils.


Velvet Storm said...

Perfect! You summed it up nicely! And I agree completely!

Joanna said...

Bravo! So sick of their crap.

Sara said...

I'm am going to say this even though it may harbor some jealousy on the part of my husband, but I LOVE YOU! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU!

Gail Sulikowski said...

You nailed it!! I could not agree with you more. Thank you for telling it like it is!

Jackie said...

We may be starting to win this battle, thanks to some warning letters from the FDA. But I think we wouldn't be here at all if they hadn't made the ridiculous claims about Ebola

Donna said...

Bravo!!! I Really like your blog and how you tell it like it is!!!! While I don't post my last name ( because I don't want some lunatic finding me!) I don't post as anonymous... I'm proud of who I am and that i. Smart enough to do my own research.....and that I don't like kool aid!!!!!!

Donna said...

Last thing.... I posted on your first "Why I won't buy from young living" post but it didn't post so I was wondering if you have stopped comments on that one?
It's not like I really need the comment on there....I was just wondering.

Jackie said...

I have not stop posts on that thread Donna and I actually have had some fairly recent comments. I may have hit the 2 year mark though so maybe it turns off on it's own?

Jackie said...

I just responded to more comments on that post. Not sure what happened. I don't moderate so it should have gone on there.

As long as you don't use my blog to advertise your business I leave comments up. Even the crazy people so we know who they are :)