Sunday, May 17, 2015

Spring is Here

Yes, finally it's here though it seems more like Summer in central KY these days.  We generally go straight from Winter to Summer anyway but this year it was a sharp and sudden change.  In the middle of March we had nearly 2 feet of snow on the ground.  Fast forward 3 weeks and it's in the 80's.  Now the mad dash to get gardening done and gather wild materials as they become available.  I have started infusing some honeysuckle flowers in fractionated coconut oil.  This will take a lot of flowers and probably a month to finish.  I have to work around the rain.  Also patiently waiting for the elders to bloom so I can distill my annual supply of elder flower water.

I have a couple of posts planned when I have more time.

The infamous Young Living post from 2 years ago is still going strong.  I recently discovered in one of safety groups that it has been quoted by other websites and actually had some folks thanking me when they found out it was me.  They said it got them to question the company propaganda.  That is so gratifying to me.  I am always happy when anyone decides to take control of their own health with natural remedies, but we lose that control when we don't do our own research so we can make truly informed decisions!

More to come later.

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