Saturday, May 30, 2015

Perfumes and More.................

I have been ordering some pricier essential oils and absolutes that I LOVE so I can make some lovely perfumes.  I have been inspired by L'Occitane Roses and Reines perfume-which is fabulous, by the way.  There are several types of roses that are all glorious on their own, but even more so when blended.  I have even purchased some little tins and twist up tubes so I can incorporate my floral waxes into some solid perfumes.

Yesterday I got some Bulgarian rose absolute, Turkish rose otto and a very small vial of steam distilled Rose alba (white rose).  I already have some Bulgarian rose otto, Rosa rugosa, a wee bit of Rose gallica and plenty of Rose centifolia absolute, not to mention the heavenly Bulgarian rose wax.

I also have 3 jasmine absolutes and 2 jasmine waxes, mimosa wax, tuberose wax and some French Neroli and my stash of Orange Blossom absolute.  It's time to make some basic perfumes with real therapeutic value!  Is there anything better for a woman's morale than smelling like a Queen?

The biggest problem for me at this point is how I am going to blend the roses and what am I going to name them?  I believe in mixing the steam distilled oils with the corresponding absolutes (like the neroli and the Bulgarian roses) but I have several options with my roses.  Maybe a blend of just the steam distilled roses?  Plus a blend of the Bulgarian roses.  Who knows?

I have also started some blends for Eau de Colognes for my perfumery store, one is rose based and I think it's my favorite.  I blended it with lemon and lemon leaf and it's fantastic!  Now I need to blend it into some alcohol and see how it turns out!  I did a classic Orange blossom blend, an herbal one and a jasmine based blend.  the herbal blend will lean more masculine but I'm not quite happy with it yet so it needs some tweaking but it is loaded with my new mouth watering steam distilled Lime oil.  Pretty nice!

And best of all I have a Floral Chypre that I have fallen so deeply in love over I am naming it Glory.  It will be the premier eau de parfum for my perfume store.

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