Sunday, June 14, 2015

YES I get Angry!

  If you think I sound angry, yes I do get angry.  I am frustrated that so many people, no matter how well meaning they may be, that don't analyze information they are given.  Gary Young's own account of how he went from a crippling accident to becoming an ND doesn't add up but people just take him at his word.  By his own account he hadn't completed a High School education, had an accident that left him in a wheelchair, suffered years of depression, spent years searching for a "cure" for his condition before discovering essential oils.  Then BAM 8 years later he completes his studies to become an ND.  This is a LIE.  An ND is a Naturopathic DOCTOR, that is a medically trained physician who uses natural remedies as well as pharmaceuticals.  This requires completing medical school and residency, which requires an undergraduate degree first.  Undergraduate degree-4 years.  Medical School-4 years.  Residency-2 years.  So you see, his timeline doesn't add up.

He takes a trip to Africa and is photographed with a few people and photographed looking at Frankincense trees.  His spin on the story is that the Sultan was SO impressed with him that he gave him exclusive rights to harvest the resin.  Any contradictory information from the Sultan himself is squelched so he finally opens up his own website and posts a video telling what really happened and that their opinion of Gary Young is much less than what Young himself conveyed.  LIES!

I have no doubt that he is a very Charismatic man, otherwise his devotees wouldn't hang on his every word so.  But Adolf Hitler was also a very charismatic man.  Jim Jones was a very charismatic man.

Lets look at some of the "tests" some of these reps put out there to "prove" the actions of the oils.  There is the famous pouring lemon essential oil on Styrofoam to prove how YL lemon oils dissolves the petrochemicals out of the human body.  This is yet another example of spinning information to your own ends.  ALL essential oils will eat Styrofoam.  Why?  Because they are all solvents, that's why.  They will also eat through mucous membranes in the human body.  You know what else will eat through Styrofoam?  Gasoline, a petrochemical.  I've seen it with my own eyes when some idiot tried to fill a Styrofoam cooler with gas instead of buying a real gas can.

I have also seen a rep fill 2 veggie capsules with 2 brands of peppermint oil and freeze them (one was YL and one was another brand).  What she was TRYING to prove was that YL was superior because it was still liquid after 20 minutes in the freezer and the other oil was solid.  What she ACTUALLY managed to prove to anyone who has actual training with essential oils is that the YL oil is in fact an INFERIOR oil.  One of the main constituents in any good quality peppermint oil is menthol, which forms crystals when frozen.  Does anyone know where menthol crystals come from?  I do.  It comes from cornmint,  Mentha arvenis, which has a menthol content so high that crystals sometimes form on the leaves of the plant.  The cornmint is distilled and the essential oil is frozen, which causes the menthol to crystalize and then it's skimmed of the top of the frozen oil.

So, yes, I do understand how essential oils are made.  I also understand that they are chemicals and how these chemicals act in the human body.  I also understand that they are not magic and can explain scientifically how they work.  And I understand that they are every bit as powerful and potentially dangerous as any drug prescribed by a doctor, that they can interact with supplements and medications and that they aren't a cure all.

I challenge you to show me how the "I have an oil for that" mentality is any better than a doctor giving you a new pill every little thing.  Doctors have a vested interest in the drug companies, so yes they overprescribe.  The two big MLM's are doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING.  They over prescribe essential oils for EVERYTHING (without medical training, I might add) because the more oils you use the more money they make selling you oils.  PERIOD.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,
I just found your blog as I was researching some info on YL. After the representative's talk and misinformation on how to use the oils safely, I thought I should get some proper training and follow my dream aside from any MLM. I am interested in taking a course on either herbalism or aromatherapy and was wondering what school you would recommend?