Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Infused oils and the Joys of Customs

Today is my youngest nephew's birthday and the Feast Day of John the Baptist. USUALLY, on June 24th I know I can start harvesting my flowers from my St John's Wort. This year the harvest has come early, probably because we have had tons of rain this year. So, as you can see, I already have 2 jars of oil going. The large jar on the left I started right before I took the picture and the smaller jar I started a week ago. You can tell the oil is changing colors already. But I still have at least 3 more weeks to go before it's ready. This is one oil that I make sure I always have on hand. It is nothing short of miraculous on burns, inflammed muscles, cuts, and to repair damaged nerves. I always include it in sports rubs to help heal sore muscles.

I had gift certificates for my hyena cart store in the June spotted box. I had a customer email me about my body balm she wanted to try but she said she is not crazy about essential oils except for peppermint. So I told her I could do that for her, and she emailed me back and said she would like a citrus mint if I could do that. So I was kinda nervous and excited at the same time. I pulled my bag of citrus oils out of the fridge and started smelling them, smelling the peppermint and playing with a blend. I decided on peppermint with a little bergamot, lemon, and steam distilled lime. Well, I got an email from her yesterday after she received it and she is absolutely in love and wants more plus a cream with the same blend. She said she wanted to swim in it! This is why I love doing custom orders. It gives me a chance to get to know people, use my imagination, and hopefully make a customer incredibly happy. The feedback she left me was awesome-I couldn't have made up better feedback myself.

I have decided to keep up the monthly giveaways. I haven't decided if July's will end early or late since I will be out of town at the end of the month on vacation. I will let everyone know later.

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Susan said...

I used an oil of St. John's Wort recently after a hysterectomy. I was suffering excruciating pain from the assaulted nerves and NOTHING was giving me any relief. I couldn't walk it hurt so much. Someone suggested St. John's Wort and the relief was immediate and mind-boggling.